Learn How To Brew Workshop

DURATION – approximately 5 hours

DATES – We typically brew on Sundays but we may be able to accommodate special requests

LOCATION – College/Dovercourt area of Toronto.  Address will be provided once request for attendance to workshop has been submitted.

Geared towards those who are looking to get into all-grain brewing, but who are either intimidated by the process, don’t have the time to research it, don’t know if it’s really for them, or don’t know what gear is right for them.  Held in groups of up to 4, we will show you how we perform each step of brewing, while explaining why we are doing it.  Dependent upon weather, resources, and/or request, we will either brew on the stove-top or on propane-fired burners outside.

Topics include:

  • Brewing Equipment (choosing what’s right for you)
  • Sanitation/Sterilization (using chemicals and heat on bottles/kegs/equipment to ensure clean beer)
  • Water treatment (treating municipal water, using RO water, using water salts)
  • Yeast (propagation, using stir plates, rinsing and storing yeast for re-use)
  • Grain (selecting grains, adjunct methods, crystal & roasted grain techniques)
  • Hops (selecting hops, hop additions, dry-hopping)
  • Brewing Techniques (brew-in-a-bag, mash tun cooler vs. false bottom, decoctions, vorlauf, whirlpool, etc.)

*NOTE – Due to laws set forth by the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario, this workshop does not include the drinking, serving, or receiving of any form of alcohol in any way.  This workshop is intended for educational purposes only.  The beer brewed during the workshops will be physically made by us, the yeast will be pitched by us, and the beer will be kept by us.

*NOTE - Food will not be provided during the workshop. Please eat before attending, and feel free to bring your own snacks.  Please do not bring allergens such as nuts, etc.

*NOTE - This workshop is conducted in our home, and we have two cats.

If interested, please contact us for more info