Apr 152013

sham bock

AROMA: Chocolate, coffee, dark fruit.  Slight cola aroma.  Clean aroma (to-style).  Some warming alcohol.

APPEARANCE: Reddish-chestnut, very clear for a darker beer (to-style for a lager).  Nice, dark tan head with respectable lacing.

FLAVOUR: Coffee, chocolate, cola.  Slightly vinous.  Finish is clean and short (to-style for a lager), but is also fruity (to-style for a Doppelbock).  Warm alcohol in finish (to-style, and no hot alcohol present).

MOUTHFEEL:  Thin mouthfeel.  Good carbonation.

OVERALL:  Sham-Bock covers a lot of descriptors in the BJCP style guideline for a Doppelbock.  A Doppelbock, however, should have a medium to full body, and this is where this beer falls a little short.  In contrast, for 6.8% abv., the thin body helps to make this beer very drinkable, disguising the higher alcohol percentage well.