Apr 102013

dead elephant

Dead Elephant IPA is named after an elephant named Jumbo who was hit by a train in the late 1800s.  If that doesn’t advertise “impact”, than I don’t know what does.  Sifting through Railway City Brewing Company’s website, two strong opinions come to mind.  First, while the website does offer some insight into what Railway City is about, it would benefit from a face-lift that needs to be fleshed-out.  Second, the section on “Our Environment” is a nice addition.  Here, the website explains how, as a beer consumer, one may reduce their carbon footprint.  Here’s to you, Jumbo.


APPEARANCE – Between dark gold and light amber.  Clear.  Bubbles rise lazily.  Off-white lacing with a lasting head.

AROMA – Pleasant, slightly harsh, assertive hop aroma with subtle supporting malt.  Some alcohol warmth that blends nicely with the hops.

TASTE – Hop bitterness dominates the taste profile, but not to an excessive level.  I do get some hop harshness, but it isn’t too distracting.  Malt resides in the background, somewhat bready/biscuity, and could be a little more in the foreground.  Bitterness is nice and strong in the finish.

MOUTHFEEL – Moderate body, but quite soft, slick, and could have a little more carbonation to spritz it up.

OVERALL – I do like this beer, and I think it has merit.  It seems like a little extra carbonation would bring this beer together nicely.