Apr 092013

spring oddity Kopie

APPEARANCE: Hazy light gold colour with little to no head.  Moderate amount of bubbles rising.

AROMA: White Labs 500 Trappist Ale yeast (the one Chimay uses).  Heavy fruit esters, especially banana.  Very pleasant malt aroma.  The added ingredients, such as juniper berries, heather, and orange peel are most masked by the yeast, but are still there.  We know that yeast well.  We have brewed many beers with it.  Very nice aroma.  We can’t find hops.  Magnum is typically a clean bittering hop, so that makes sense, but Sorachi Ace is known for its lemon aroma, but we can’t find it.

TASTE: Trappist Ale yeast (seriously identifiable stuff), with orange peel and perhaps juniper and heather (harder to discern as we have less experience with them).  There is some bitterness that seems not from hops…orange peel?  Finish is a yeasty-orange peel plus some more complexity.

MOUTHFEEL: Lightly Moderate body.  Beautifully mouth-coating.  Moderate, assertive carbonation is complimentary to the beer.

OVERALL: Very enjoyable beer.  We’d love to see some head-retention and lacing, as well as, perhaps somewhat higher carbonation.  These are minor notes.  Overall, this beer is great.