Apr 102013


APPEARANCE – Gold with off-white head and sticky lacing.  Lazy bubbles drifting up from bottom of glass.

AROMA –  Subtle orange zest, pine and perfume hop notes.  Some bready malt aroma with a very slight caramel.

TASTE – Mild hop flavour overcome by pleasant hop bitterness.  Long, pleasantly hop-infused aftertaste.

MOUTHFEEL – Thin mouthfeel that drops out quickly, making it quite sessionable.  Very good level of carbonation that lends itself to improved hop qualities, and scrubbing of the palate.

OVERALL – A great example of a pale ale.  A beer that is aromatic, flavourful, and bitter, but also one that is heavy on hops and light on malt — which, really, has been what the hop-maddened crowd has demanded for years.  I would, however, personally enjoy a tad more malt backbone to carry the hops.