Apr 092013


beaus coffee

APPEARANCE: Stunning reddish copper hue with a light custard frothy head.  Beer left in bottle after pouring displays large soapy bubbles.  Brilliantly clear with tiny bubbles.

AROMA: Coffee.  Very good coffee.  Malt aroma secondary.  When glass is swirled, some grassy hop notes peak though.

TASTE: Coffee at, perhaps, 50% intensity.  Here is where malt actually makes a comeback, balancing the coffee taste.  Some hop taste and bitterness, but only enough to balance the malt and coffee.  Aftertaste is a pleasant melange of coffee and beer.  Slight caramel notes in the finish.
MOUTHFEEL: Soft and smooth.  Carbonation does well to cleanse pallet.
OVERALL: Beer in general tends to deliver coffee upon the vehicle of stouts and porters, and so it’s a pleasant change to experience coffee in an amber ale.  Beau’s does a great job packing in the coffee aromas and flavours, and then balancing the coffee with a very stable beer.  Very drinkable.