Apr 102013

beaus beaver Kopie

We’ve heard Beau’s referred to as “the happiest place on earth”.  There is such a strong loyalty to this brewery.  In fact, it happens to be Tina’s favourite brewery, and we haven’t even visited them yet.  There labelling is, hands down, some of the most amazing we’ve seen.  Where so many breweries believe that the more noisy their labels, the better, Beau’s walks with rural confidence, with the odd wild label that really showcases the merits of their Creative Director, Jordan Bamforth.  We both love what this brewery is all about.  Good work, Beau’s.

Beaver River I.P.Eh? is considered the pegged-down version of the Screaming Beaver.  Perhaps Beaver River is meant to be a more approachable example of a highly-hopped beer.  We would agree.  Hops are this beer’s strongpoint, with malt taking second place, which is to style.  It’s a confidently solid beer that makes you want another the moment the first is finished.

APPEARANCE: Attractive amber with a solid off-white head and great lacing.  Bubbles are rather aggressively floating up to the surface.

AROMA:  Strong hop aroma that isn’t insanely over-the-top hop.  A little more restrained than we had expected.  Pacific Gem dry-hopping is difficult to discern (should impart oak & blackberry) which adds to the complexity of the aroma.  Some sweet, citrus, pine aroma mixed in.  Malt is in the background here, but some breadiness comes through.  Very spritely and approachable.  A stronger malt aroma would make this beer even more enjoyable.

TASTE: Strong hop bitterness and a sharp hop taste that is a little more assertive than we had expected.  Finish is all hop flavour and bitterness.

MOUTHFEEL: Medium bodied, which makes this beer satiating yet still very drinkable.  Seems like harder water is used than many other Ontario Craft Brewers, which works very well to make the beer hop-forward at a small loss to the malt profile.

OVERALL: A session IPA that shouldn’t offend many people who would try an IPA in the first place.  The beer’s hop assertiveness is a plus, but a little more malt aroma and flavour would make this beer that much better.